• Manage Medical Records Electronically
  • VEhHealth collects data about a patient from the different departments of the hospital (Nurse, Doctor, laboratory, Echography etc) and Electronically manages the data under the profile of the patient. This places health personnel on a high pedestal of Information that is Easily searched for, on the medical history of patients for better diagnosis and greatly reduce Medical Errors.

  • Free From Tedious Paper Statistics
  • Electronic records saved by VEhHealth and it's management of Finances that flow within the Hospital, make statistics generation an automatic process. Automation of administrative paper works is done to reduce time spent on administrative work and conversely increase the quality of care via increase in face time with patients.

  • Synchronized Transactions
  • To reduce movements and save time, VEhHealth synchronizes transactions within the hospital and allows automatic flow of information among the different departments of the hospital, without movements, to greatly gain time and increase physician and staff efficiency.

  • Notifications and Reminders
  • To keep management alerted of key happenings and reminded of future planned operations, VEhHealth has an inbuilt functionality to notify as observed within the hospital and remind as programmed within the hospital, in order to keep awareness of changes and avoid forgetting little but critical acitivities.